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Eliminate Sweaty Hands So You Can

Enhance Your VR Gaming

Designed to offer optimal gaming performance, the specially formulated Gamer Goo keeps hands dry, cool and sweat free even during the most heated of gaming encounters.
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Slippery VR Controls?

Long gaming sessions can cause your hands to sweat and you to lose control. Gamer Goo is here to help.

Why Gamer Goo?

Stops sweaty hands at the source
Eliminates slipping in key moments
Dries clear and leaves no residue on devices
Protects devices from your oily hands
Stays dry up to 4 hours

The Perfect Companion For VR Gaming

Enhance your performance and stay one step ahead of the competition.
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Gamergoo Lineup Scent

Scents to Suite Every Gamer

Gamer Goo began with orange, peppermint, and cinnamon, three scents with essential oils historically designed for focus and pep. New to the family in 2019 are Vanilla Sugar, Cherry Blossom, and our best-selling Teakwood. VR is aS immersive as you can get, so you need all the sweat killing power you can muster. So whether you prefer the classics: citrus grove orange, cool peppermint, spicy cinnamon; or you’re into more variety with our recent additions: fresh-cookies-from-the-oven Vanilla Sugar, floral Cherry Blossom, or warm Teakwood, Gamer Goo has the power to keep sweat at bay and you in the game.

Approved by Professional Gamers

Ask about us at the next con or tournament – chances are you’ll spot Gamer Goo bottles on several pro set-ups. In fact, one of our earliest fans and partners was Bandoot, and we’ve also received endorsements from MVD731, LiquidHBox, and Aydan. If Gamer Goo works for them, who’s to say it won’t cure all of your sweaty blues? Try us for yourself and see why we’re a gamers best friend.
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Banish Sweaty Palms

Improve Your Gaming Performance

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