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What is Gamer Goo? and how does it work?

Gamer Goo is a hand lotion created for gamers. It keeps your hands dry and cool while you hold the controller, keeps you energized with 3 distinct scents: peppermint, cinnamon, and orange; and will keep you focused during intense gaming sessions.

We want Gamer Goo to become a regular staple at your side table or gaming desk, to be the hand lotion you reach for when you turn on your console, and to be your teammate during long hours of epic boss fights

How long does GG take to work? and how long does it last?

Gamer Goo starts to work immediately, the chosen scent immediately recognizable upon opening the bottle. After application, Gamer Goo quickly dries on your palms, leaving a powdery film that blocks any sweat or moisture. Make sure to wait until Gamer Goo is completely dry before touching anything, as the wet form of Gamer Goo tends to dry on any surface it comes in contact with until it’s removed (just ask my coffee table lol).

After experimenting, we’ve found that Gamer Goo lasts anywhere between 3-5 hours depending on the gamer (if it’s not washed off, of course.)

Is Gamer Goo easily removed?

Yes, Gamer Goo can be washed from hands with simple soap and water. A damp paper towel or rag is sufficient to remove Gamer Goo from table/console/controller surfaces.

Is Gamer Goo safe?

As long as you don’t ingest Gamer Goo or get it in your eyes, Gamer Goo is perfectly safe. If you have an allergy, check out our ingredients list on our products page HERE.

What does Gamer Goo smell like?

Gamer Goo comes in three scents: Orange, which appropriately smells like an orange grove (we are based in Florida, after all); Peppermint, which smells like a candycane field; and Cinnamon, which smells like A CINNAMON BUN.

What ingredients are in Gamer Goo?

You can check out our ingredient list on the back of each bottle of Gamer Goo and our product pages HERE.

Are your products fda approved?

They are!


How does shipping work?

Shipping varies for citizens in the continental U.S. and depends on the amount of Gamer Goo purchased, but usually runs around $5. Outside of the lower 49, Gamer Goo currently ships to Alaska, Hawaii, any APO address, Canada, and Western Europe for a shipping cost of around $10.

Sadly, we’re not able to ship to Asia, Australia, South America, Africa, or Antarctica just yet. If you’re unsure if we ship to your country you can call us at 321-236-0969

Where can i get Gamer Goo?

Currently Gamer Goo is only available through our website. We will be expanding in the future so stay tuned


How can i become a partner of Gamer Goo?

Gamer Goo has a partnership application, which can be filled out HERE. After we’ve decided your fate, we’ll email you back within a week. We look forward to hearing from you

Can i get a free sample of Gamer Goo?

Want to ‘try before you buy’? We got you. Contact us HERE to request a sample.
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