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Zelda Fans Rejoice and Break Out the Gamer Goo

For Zelda fans, it’s going to be a big year. Again! Because it’s actually been an incredible few years for us! Not only are we hoping for an E3 mention of the Breath of the Wild sequel, and not only did the Link’s Awakening remake drop in 2019, but fan favorite Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is now completely remastered and will be released July 16th for the Switch. I happen to be particularly excited since Skyward Sword is one of the Zelda games I never got around to. I’m not aware of the entire plot, but I do know Link lives on floating isle(s) Skyloft and enrolls in Knight Academy, then leaves on a quest from his home to the surface world below the clouds after he’s chosen to wield the Goddess Sword. I’ve heard it covers some Master Sword history too. Most importantly, it’s the earliest game chronologically in the timeline, The Beginning of Everything.

Another plot point: Zelda isn’t a princess in this one – Zelda and Link are childhood friends; her father is the Headmaster of Knight Academy; and you get to ride giant-billed birds called Loftwings and soar through the air over the Skyloft floating isles. Apparently, fans of Skyward Sword are major fans who’ve been longing for a remaster/remake for years, and then there’s the newbies just as excited. Nintendo is going to milk all of us for all we’re worth, and I can’t seem to care.

Skyward Sword will be released alongside a very special Amiibo of Zelda and her beloved Loftwing, and will allow users to travel from surface to sky every use. This is a big deal, because normally Skyward Sword players will have to use designated save points just to travel back and forth from surface to sky. What a slog. Sounds like this Amiibo will definitely come in handy. Per the Nintendo blog: “Using the Zelda & Loftwing amiibo while on the surface in the game will allow you to return to the skies from anywhere on the surface, even inside dungeons. If you then use the Zelda & Loftwing amiibo again while in the sky, you can return to the spot on the surface where you used it before. [Using the Amiibo], if you run out of items while exploring the surface, for example, you can quickly return to the Bazaar in Skyloft to replenish your supplies. Once you’re done shopping, the amiibo allows you to quickly zip back to the surface and pick up where you left off!”

So, if you like shortcuts or just have a collection of Zelda Amiibos to add to (raises hand), July 16th is the day.

Nintendo won’t be done after the Amiibo either – they’ll be releasing a gorgeous royal blue set of Joy-Con controllers that are catered to Zelda fans: on the left side is a Hylian Shield motif, and the right side is Master Sword themed.

I’ll be using my favorite Vanilla Sugar Gamer Goo when Skyward Sword HD drops on July 16th! Are you just as excited about Zelda as I am? Pre-order the game here, and get some Gamer Goo while you’re at it here!

Pre-orders Available Now

The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword HD game launches on Friday, July 16th. Pre-order the game today on or Nintendo eShop!

In addition to the game and Zelda & Loftwing amiibo figure*, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Edition Joy-Con™ controllers will also release on July 16 (sold separately). The right Joy-Con controller is themed after the Master Sword, while the left features a Hylian Shield motif.

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