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We love hearing about the creative ways our customers put Gamer Goo to use. We’ve heard about Gamer Goo combating sweat in job interviews, first dates, and public speaking. For some, social situations are especially anxiety inducing, and if you’re a naturally sweaty-palmed person they’re even worse, so it’s nice to know Gamer Goo helps relieve that annoyance.

Gamer Goo has also been put to use by fans who bowl, golf, play baseball, and practice yoga, which is the focus today. Though I’ve mentioned Gamer Goo’s use in yoga before, I don’t think I relayed the story of how my significant other fell in love with Gamer Goo specifically through yoga first, only later using it for gaming.

In November 2017, my boyfriend Daniel and I started taking yoga classes once a week.  Both of us were in our late 20’s, out of shape, and honestly all that talk about back pain once you near 30 was no joke. Kind of like the whiplash of haha-that-was-fun hangovers turning to 2-day-pls-kill-me-now-I-cannot-move hangovers in the blink of an eye after 26, we were not prepared to be achy all the time just because we were getting older. Resist!

At first, class was insanely difficult. We were wobbly and uncoordinated baby yogis learning to walk. Sweat blinded us. My hair looked like it housed at least 3 baby birds and a field mouse. And poor Daniel, with his feet drenched in sweat, sliding all over the yoga mat like the Ice Capades.

Luckily, around this time, Justin was developing Gamer Goo, and with me being his assistant I received a few bottles for free. One night while getting ready for yoga class, Daniel happened to catch a whiff of Cinnamon Gamer Goo.

Not Daniel. This dude strikes me as a Dave.

“Ooh, this smells nice. I wonder if it’ll help keep my feet dry during class?”

He said this with a hint of suspicion, as his feet were so sweaty I think he felt they were beyond hope. “Can’t hurt to try,” I said, honestly a little suspicious myself. I knew Gamer Goo worked, but would it work for extreme sweat? And I mean extreme. It’s like the soles of his feet were sobbing. I put the doubt away regardless and off we went.

Daniel slathered the Goo on his feet before class, and I peeked to see how well it worked whenever I had the chance. And lo and behold, during Warrior 2 I looked down at his mat and his feet were actually… staying put. There were no sweaty footprints on his mat (ew), and he seemed at ease for once.

Afterwards, after the obligatory moans of exhaustion and us mouthing “I’m dying” to each other while we slid on our shoes, Daniel told me he would never again go to yoga class without Gamer Goo.

“I could actually hold a pose without sliding around!” he said, giddy with relief.

Similar to any new workout, when you first start yoga, your body hurts. The difference for us was that yoga had this "feel-good" muscle ache accompanying it that neither one of us had experienced with any other exercise before, and it kept us coming back for more. Once you push past the initial uncomfortable phase of a few months, you realize your body begins to crave yoga and it's not as difficult anymore; and during class you just feel fantastic. You may be worn out after an hour flow class, but it's so worth it because you feel reborn. However, its a bit hard to appreciate if you're constantly being distracted by sweat. Once Daniel discovered the power of Gamer Goo in yoga class, he was able to focus on the entire movement as intended and find his zen.

Yoga's a calming, stress-stripping exercise that doesn't care about competition or frills, it's about the journey and growing with the poses as your body becomes more flexible, mindful, and in-tune with itself. Ain't nobody got time for sweaty feet!

We've been going to yoga class together for over a year now, and I'm so happy Gamer Goo worked for Daniel's sweaty feet problem, because honestly I was sick of hearing him groan with annoyance during Mountain Pose. Listen, if you work out you're gonna sweat, and it's gonna suck, but Daniel is proof Gamer Goo can work even in the most dire situations. Put Gamer Goo on before yoga class, before you lift weights, CrossFit, anything. If it can completely rid my sweet boyfriend of his feet puddles, it can certainly help you!

Do you have a unique story about Gamer Goo ridding your life of sweat? Let us hear it at!

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