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Level 4: Gamer Goo Versatility

Besides gaming, Gamer Goo works well for a variety of different activities.

Level 4 Gamer Goo Versatility

Think of any situation where your hands might sweat, and you’re on the right track. Examples being:

Sports: Slather Gamer Goo on your hands before a morning out on the golf course & you'll have a perfect, sweat-free grip on your club; leading to amazing swings and your friends begging for your secret. Same goes for tennis, racquetball, baseball, and bowling, too.

Level 4 Gamer Goo Versatility

Gym: Getting a grip on dumb bells, bar bells, and other workout equipment can be tough when you’re going hardcore in the gym, but Gamer Goo will block sweat & perk you up with essential oils, leading to better focus, high energy, and a more effective workout.

Yoga: Sweaty hands and feet can distract from a good yoga session, making the switch from one pose to the next distracting and even uncomfortable. Tested and proven, Gamer Goo on your hands (and even feet) during yoga makes it easier to grip the mat and helps you move through your flow with ease.

Level 4 Gamer Goo Versatility

Interviews / Dates / Awkward parties you felt obligated to agree to: Meeting new people is stressful, can we agree on that? Especially if you want to impress someone, that’s bound to cause a little sweat. Gamer Goo will not only keep your hands dry during first dates and important interviews where a strong handshake is a must, but it also smells really, really good (bring on the compliments), and will keep your mind on point when you need it most. A party crowded with people can also cause stress & sweaty hands, so bring Gamer Goo along for that, too.

Public Speaking: This terrifying prospect speaks for itself. And since the essential oils in Gamer Goo help with focus, maybe it can help you focus on not passing out mid-speech (like I did in 3rd grade, which is why I now write for a living).

Level 4 Gamer Goo Versatility

Driving: I can’t be the only one who gets sweaty hands holding the steering wheel, amiright? Driving is especially stressful in cities; no one uses their blinker and people are just awful in general, either driving like maniacs or 15 miles under the speed limit (in Orlando, there is no in between). I cover my hands in Gamer Goo before I leave work and it keeps my grip dry during rush hour, meaning I have one less thing to be irritated about.

Schoolwork / Art: Finishing tests in class or making awesome art is tough when your pen/paintbrush keeps slipping from your grip. Gamer Goo helps you concentrate on writing or drawing smooth lines instead of worrying about an annoyingly sweaty utensil.


Don't be afraid to branch out with Gamer Goo. There are plenty of other sweaty situations it can be used for. Let us know yours in the comments!


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