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Level 2: 8+ Valentine's Day Gifts for Gamers

Next week is Valentine’s Day, and if you’re still on the fence about what to get your favorite gamer, look no further. For the person who wants more than a chain-store plushie, below you’ll find some traditional gifts and wacky ones too. Even though there's 8 things listed, you'll find even more recs buried in there because we found so much cool stuff. Hurry up, you only have a few days left! But even if your gift comes in late, it’s the thought that counts, right?

#1. Gamer Goo

The obvious choice for any sweaty handed or fatigued gamer you love. What says romance more than gifting them a product designed to help them do the thing they love most? It won't stain their keyboard, mouse, coffee table, controller, pet, etc., dries in a flash, keeps hands moisture free for hours, and the scents are super potent & energizing. Show your support of their gaming dreams by helping them WIN. Pick up a bottle here. #2. Gamer Sweets

A Valentine's Day tradition with a twist. And it's a tradition for a reason, sugar is freaking delightful. Here are some choice gamer sweets for your special person (or you know, treat yo'self): Chocolate Game Controllers, Chocolate Pixel Hearts set, Game Controller CookiesGame Controller Chocolate Lollipops, OR if you're in a mega hurry Target has cool V-Day treats too, like this Gummy Game Controller.

#3. Gametee Candles (& pretty much everything else on their site tbh)

Gametee has THE best stuff for gamers imo. Their products feature low-key gaming/culture references, a lot of them obscure, all stylish and beautifully designed. Their candles, especially, are perfect for Valentine's Day because you have to set the mood. Everyone wants nice smelling spaces! Anyway listen to these candle fragrance names: Hyrulean Forest, Sea-Salt Ice Cream, Koopa Beach, Elven Wellspring, Dragon Fire. If you don't want your gaming spot to smell like you're flitting through the trees back to Link's house, gtfo. Besides their candles, check out Gametee for apparel, art (look at this World-Eater print!), unique tabletop dice, mugs, backpacks, flasks, notebooks, and so many other random amazing things you just have to see for yourself.

#4. Hide It Mounts

So many de-cluttering possibilities! Hide your cable box, gaming consoles, media box, etc. behind your T.V. or display them on the wall around it. Use extra space to display controllers with controller mounts or get a sweet Amiibo collection going on the wall, hang your art/posters/screenshots.. whatever you/your Valentine wants. Some may think this is a weird V-Day gift pick, but for certain folks (we all know 1 or 2) there is nothing more exciting than organization. Check out Hide It Mounts' IG feed for top notch gaming setup inspo.

#5. Nintendo Switch Light-Up Dock Shield

PDP has some incredible gaming products, from light-up headsets to light-up controllers. However, this light-up Switch dock shield stands out. It changes colors, is simple to put together, and has stellar reviews on Amazon. Everyone likes magical light-up things. Plus your Valentine will think of you every time they catch sight of the soft soothing glow.

#6. Tiny Arcade

Take your Valentine's Day gift up a notch by pairing a couple of these with other gamer goodies like the game controller treats from #2 and Mountain Dew Code Red. Choose from Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, or Space Invaders! Hook it on backpacks! Hook it on your s/o's purse! Watch the person you give it to squeal with delight and say "Aww, it's so tiny!" My sentiments exactly. Score my friend. Score.

#7. Homall Gaming Chair

I'm no expert on gaming chairs, but this one seems great for the following reasons: It's reasonably priced, the reviews on Amazon are mostly 4.5 and above, it reclines, it has a thick footrest (!!!), thick squishy adjustable armrests, and a larger seat than most. Besides gaming, this chair is perfect for writers/artists/office naps/anyone who enjoys relaxation/essentially meaning everyone. Comfort never goes out of style. Comfort means love! Love equals perfect Valentine's Day gift. You're welcome.

#8. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Complete Official Guide - Expanded Edition

Adding this because it comes out the day before V-Day and it's amazing. Pre-order it now, have it by Tuesday 2/13! It covers the DLCs too, comes with a map, extra art, and just look at that cover. According to science, 99.9% of the world's population loves Zelda. This is a Proven Fact. Throw in this heart container and you'll shut down Valentine's Day with your thoughtfulness. (You're welcome again.)


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