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Gamer Goo is up and curing sweaty hands and fatigue already, and with it comes copious amounts of fan-girling on our blog because we are, first and foremost, gamers ourselves. On Gamer Goo’s blog we’ll cover gaming news, gaming events, talk about our personal favorite games, share game clips, etc. etc. This week we’re just getting our training wheels, but January was a big month for not only us but the gaming world so we want to celebrate (pls have booze on hand to toast at conclusion).

Here’s some things that have happened since went live.

- Twitch streamers are sponsoring us! Specifically, amouranth, SabotageSweetie, and bayouBOMBSHELL so far (more in the works). We're all about supporting lady streamers! Our current sponsors all truly love Gamer Goo (no bs) and want to help us grow, so if you don’t already, give ‘em a follow will ya?

- Gamer Goo shirts arrived! Our Twitch sponsors don’t have banners just yet, but the shirts are en route. They’ll be promoting the Goo on their streams in no time. They look like this! Sweet huh?

- Let me geek out over January’s games for a minute. It was a crazy good month for games. Observe: Sea of Thieves beta, Subnautica’s full release, Innerspace, Celeste, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Monster Hunter: World were all released in January, and interestingly enough THEY ALL LOOK INCREDIBLE. HOW. 

  • Celeste uses beautiful 90’s art to create an insightful depiction of living with depression and anxiety.
  • Innerspace wants us to fly, well, anywhere. In the air, under the water or wherever the road may lead, finding relics or just taking our time soaking up the scenery.
  • Subnautica (while it has been available for early access on Steam and Xbox One for ages, it was finally released wide on PC in January so we're counting it) takes deep sea exploration to new depths, bringing a lush world to life that I always secretly wanted. Since Subnautica is on an alien planet, it makes the local flora and fauna even more exciting to discover.
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ, while it makes me want to re-watch the series (obviously), also taps into that simple ((DESTROY)) mode we all have. There's nothing like taking your anger out in a nice fighting game. Mortal Combat has prepped me well.
  • Monster Hunter: World I saved for last because I am so, so stoked for this one. I get to turn the smol Palico sidekick into my real-life cat, markings and name and everything?? I get to hunt down giant colorful monsters in a sprawling open world and fight then kill them and make armor from their scales and I can trap little ones to keep as pets?? In my very own customizable house??? *coma*

Hey, listen! Let’s talk our excite over the Nintendo Direct Mini that dropped January 11th.

  • DK: Tropical Freeze is my number one 'need to play' title because I never got to play it on Wii U and I’ve been itching to play Donkey Kong again. DK Country was my #1 jam in 2nd grade!
  • Super stoked for Kirby Star Allies!!!!! Lil Kirby is the cutest angry floating bubblegum!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. Those Breath of the Wild adds!!!!!!!
  • Mario Tennis Aces. This looks bonkers. Playing tennis with big poison piranha plants whaaaat?! GTFO
  • Fe. For the art alone I will purchase. This mythical Nordic fairy tale looks breath-taking.


  • Red Dead Redemption 2 looks stunning, and yes it’s sad that we have to wait till October to return to the Wild West, but c’mon guys. You can’t be mad when it looks this good. Get real.

  • THAT GOD OF WAR TRAILER OMG. I am so happy for you PS4 peeps. God of War II on the PS4 was LEGIT. Sadly it's the only one I've played so far. 🙁 I am interested to see how people will like Krato's new Leviathan Axe over his usual trusty double-chained blades.


2018 is already a great year for gaming with an exceptional first batch of releases and news in January, and we just got started. (February 2nd the Far Cry 5 trailer just dropped so there's that to look forward to also aaaaahhh!)

We're so happy to be on this wild gaming journey, and we look forward to sharing more exciting Gamer Goo news soon! *clink* (That's your cue to toast).

Tune in next week for the next level of Gamer Goo's blog. We know some of you reading this have sweaty hands as we speak. Am I right? You're probably tired af too. Who isn't?



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