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How has Gamer Goo changed the game for you?

Though we originally designed Gamer Goo with video gaming in mind, we’ve branched out and realized how beneficial Gamer Goo has been to sweaty situations of all sorts. We figured this out quite early in the beginning, actually, when one of our earliest champions and partners, Amouranth, told us she loved using Gamer Goo to keep her pits dry. (She also mentioned how much she loved it as a face primer under her makeup, but knowing how different everyone’s skin is, we couldn’t possibly recommend putting Gamer Goo on delicate areas like that – since we didn’t formulate it with faces in mind, it could break you out for all we know!)

Since Gamer Goo started a year and a half ago, we’ve received letters from people telling us how much they love it for their everyday lives, their active lives, and their video gaming/streaming lives, so it’s safe to say we’re a pretty well-rounded product. One guy loves it for the dumbbells at the gym, another one always has Gamer Goo on hand for golf; we even had a girl tell us she loves putting it behind her ears to keep her glasses in place (??okay?? but whatever works)!

It doesn’t stop there; Gamer Goo’s versatility never ends. Recently Melvin, an older gentleman in a bowling league, wrote in to tell us how Gamer Goo has changed his game. He said that he’s had hyperhidrosis for the majority of his life, and that he's always struggled playing his favorite sport because of his sweaty problem. I was immediately intrigued to hear from a fan in a bowling league, mainly because I’ve seen The Big Lebowski too many times and have therefore garnered an unusual amount of admiration for dedicated bowlers. But I digress.

How has Gamer Goo changed the game for you

Melvin said that his sweating was so terrible that even with a bowling glove his fingers would slip inside the ball and occasionally throw off his shot. This changed when his grandson flew in for a visit and came to watch him bowl. Melvin told his grandson about his issue, and the teenager, an avid Fortnite player, happened to have Gamer Goo on hand. He told his grandpa to try it and the rest is history.

The first scent Melvin tried that night was peppermint, but since the new scents have dropped he says his new favorite is vanilla sugar. And crazy enough, since he started using Gamer Goo his game has been averaging in the 220s! He told his team members about it too, so they can all benefit if they have an extra sweaty game.

Personally, I love Gamer Goo when I’m using the Switch (Stardew Valley gets intense ok), for yoga class, and yes, when I bowl; honestly, it really is one of the best uses of Gamer Goo I’ve discovered. Melvin was %100 correct in his Gamer Goo bowling joy. Never have a gutter ball due to finger slips ever again!

We love hearing about the wacky, out of the box ways customers have used Gamer Goo during times of intense sweat. What’s the weird way you’ve used Gamer Goo? Do you have a success story you want to share with us? Shoot us an email at!

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