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We get a lot of frequently asked questions at Gamer Goo regarding our samples, shirts, partnership requirements and the like. This FAQ post is to help you guys out, so we’ll link back to it often.

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Shit looks intense.

Can I get a free sample?

                As a start-up company with only a few employees, Gamer Goo is unable to provide free samples. However, we do have an affordable sample trio available here for 5 bucks shipping.

What are the requirements for partnering with you?

                We look for individuals with positive attitudes and a unique angle when choosing whom to partner with. A high follower count gives you a definite edge, but we will consider those with smaller numbers as well if you impress us with your application. Find our partner app here.

Do you sponsor eSports teams?

                We are not currently partnering eSports teams, but this may change in the future. It’s still a better bet to fill out an application as an individual if you’re eager to partner with us.

You declined my partner application. Now what?

                No worries! A lot of the time if we reject your partner app it means we’re swamped with applications and are focusing on people we’ve already accepted at the moment. During slower periods we’ll sort through older apps and reconsider certain people we were interested in but couldn’t accept previously, so you may get an acceptance email from us eventually anyway. If you’re concerned about your rejection email or haven’t received a reply at all, wait a few months and fill out the application again.

Once I’m accepted as partner, how long will it take to get my graphics and discount code?

                Most of the time, it won’t take longer than a few days. However during crazy periods (ex. right after a con), it may take upwards of a week. Be patient with us, but don’t be afraid to remind us if it’s been too long! We’re only human and could’ve made a mistake.

As partner, do I receive a t-shirt?

                As a small start-up we are unable to provide every partner a t-shirt (right now, anyway). They’re very comfy though so they’re worth the purchase if you’re interested. Get your shirt here.

Is Gamer Goo just for your hands?

                Nope! Some people find it works for their sweaty feet, others like it for their armpits. Everyone is different. We’ve also heard that Gamer Goo works wonders on bald heads. 😉 NOTE: Gamer Goo IS NOT a deodorant by definition. We can’t promise miracles on its use as a pit protectant. Keep in mind what works for one person may not work for everyone.

What else can you use Gamer Goo for besides gaming?

                Any sweaty situation is good enough for Gamer Goo. Try it for golfing, bowling, lifting weights, pull-ups, social gatherings, public speaking, first dates, tense interviews, you name it! We wrote a full post on this a while back which you can read here. You can also read my post on how Gamer Goo keeps my boyfriend’s feet dry during yoga class here.

It’s been weeks and my Gamer Goo hasn’t arrived. What’s up?

                We apologize! Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll look into it for you.

RT (regram, share, etc.) for free sample? Follow for follow?


Can I eat Gamer Goo?

Gamer Goo isn’t toxic, but please don’t ingest it. It doesn’t taste like its scent. There’s no point in making your taste buds suffer. Logic, my good man. Logic!

Feel free to ask any important questions we missed here so we can add them!

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