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DreamHack Updates

DreamHack tournaments and festivals continue to be delayed, though not entirely by COVID restrictions. On April 16th, DreamHack had to postpone their Fortnite tournament due to an unforeseen glitch that popped up. It was fixed incredibly fast too – the semi-finals are up and running again already, and it all began May 5th!

Their Tweet regarding the initial postponement read: "Due to tournament integrity concerns this weekends DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite will be rescheduled to a later date in May. At a later date we'll provide you more information about the rescheduling of the tournament. Thanks for understanding."

The glitch in question was apparently an inventory glitch that went viral, brought to everyone’s attention by professional Fortnite player EMXXRR from the French organization Solary. EMXXRR posted a clip showing the glitch on his Twitter, and though he didn’t explicitly explain how to do the exploit, he did show he was able to duplicate items by throwing them again and again. In any Fortnite tournament, one knows the importance of Floppers and Shield Potions, and this glitch allowed him to multiply them indefinitely. Whoops! Luckily DreamHack did the right thing and pulled the tournament before too many people could take advantage of the glitch, but it was especially unlucky for Europe’s portion of the tournament, which was scheduled to begin at 1EST that same day.

DreamHack Updates

Lucky for all of us, it wasn’t late May that the tournament returned, but this very week. The DreamHack Fortnite tournament is back in action! Learn more about the semi-finals, times, and the prize pool here.

The Fortnite postponement isn’t the only one seen recently at DreamHack – the DreamHack Summer (Sweden) and Dallas Festivals have been postponed to 2022, though they are hopeful they’ll be able to go live in person again with DreamHack Atlanta and DreamHack Winter in November 2021.

However, according to the DreamHack website, they will continue to run broadcasts throughout the year and provide hours of esports action across multiple game titles, including:

CS:GO - Kicking off with the DreamHack Open in January, and will run through a packed schedule of EPT Masters and EPT Challenger dates throughout the year.

DOTA 2 - The official Dota Pro Circuit is already underway with DreamLeague covering Europe, and ESL One covering the CIS region.

StarCraft® II - The circuit tour will kick off with DreamHack StarCraft® II Masters in May 2021, and conclude at IEM Katowice in February 2022

Warcraft® III - The circuit will start with DreamHack Warcraft® III Open in May 2021, and culminate with DreamHack Warcraft® III Championship in December.


We know everyone is as disappointed as us that the DreamHack festivals are postponed, but we fully support DreamHack in their decisions – we want the best experience possible for all! Do you plan on competing in any DreamHack events? Let us know!

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